Sunday, February 26, 2017

Artist of the Month: Andrea Banaszynski

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How would you describe your painting style?
"Universal and effervescent" she giggles. "Its always changing."

Andrea grew up in Ridgecrest, Mojave Desert
She was fresh out of high school when she parted ways with hometown Ridgecrest and moved to Orange County, CA.  
"Growing up in the desert we had to be creative."
 "Maybe that's where my creative nature stemmed from."
Her first memory of painting was during her senior year in high school when she took art class but it wasn't until recent years that painting became her passion.

......It all started when her friend found a Christi Vivid Red Projector in a dumpster and told her to keep it. From that moment on her heart for art grew strong

Interesting facts about Andrea: 


Favorite color: Electric-Royal-Blue-Purple

She has a twin brother who she always feels connected to.

Specialty Custom Hand-Painted Portraits 
Attach the portrait you would like painted onto a canvas along with specifications canvas size and other details.  Email her here

Andrea Banaszynski 
March 2017

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